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Know More About Ajman

Located along the Persian Gulf,Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman. Ajman is the smallest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Embedded between the emirates of Sharjah and Umm al-Qaywayn, this emirate comprises of the town of Ajman, Masfut and Manama. Ajman is the commercial district. Masfut is an agricultural area. Manama forms the eastern part of the emirate. The current ruler of Ajman is Shaykh Humayd bin Rashid Al Nuʿaymi.

Ajman is well known for its fishing, trade, cultural attractions and economic growth in the recent years. With Dubai in the close vicinity, the emirate has managed to arrest the attention of many industrialists and businessmen. The major economic centers are the Free Zone, Ajman City Centre shopping complex, and several resort hotels.

It had a minute population in the 1980s. But, in past few years, the emirate has experienced a substantial rise in its population. The major reason behind this is that residents from other neighborhood Emirates are coming to Ajman and settling down. The traditional lifestyle, friendly local residents and the warm and pleasant beaches attract the attention of many. Ajman is affluent as far as the authenticity of historical landmarks is concerned. It is not tainted by the huge number of man-made architectures around.

Shopping and dining activities in this region are impressive too. This emirate is pristine and capable of creating highly favorable livelihood as compared its counterpart emirates. It is home to a world-class resort that comprises of huge hotel complex and shopping mall. Other factors that favor tourism are its traditional commercial souks, local and global retail shops, banks and private companies to cater to the needs of tourists and local residents.

As it offers low price properties to buyers and renters, the real estate market of Ajman has massively attracted local as well as foreigner property investors. To further garner the attention of second home seekers and foreign investors, State government has announced the introduction of “freehold property ownership” to foreigners. Relatively affordable Residential and commercial properties at Ajman make the properties highly desirable.