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Know More About Al Ain

Popular as the “Garden City” due to its pristine greenery, the largest inland city of Al Ain stands tall in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates on the border of Oman. Dubai and Sharjah lie to the north, Abu Dhabi to the west and Saudi Arabia and the Empty Quarter desert to the south. It is marked as the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who is the founder of the United Arab Emirates. Jebel Hafeet or the Hafeet Mountain is regarded as one of the prominent monuments in this emirate. Characteristic sand dunes that emit redness due to iron oxide lie to the north and east of Al-Ain.

Relics show numerous years of human settlement at Al-Hili and Jabel Ḥafeeṫ. These primitive tribes made beehive tombs for their dead. Hunting and gathering were the prominent activity for them. Water from the oasis helped in nurturing the early farms till the modern times.

Al Ain’s real estate market is going through an impressive boom that is attributed to the rising demand for homes and offices. Rent here is cheaper as compared to that in its neighboring emirates. Its cultural background and dynamic and high-yielding business landscape is also a driving factor that has contributed to its commendable development.

It is home to the company’s Al Jimi Mall, Shabhat Plaza, Remal Mall and its Oyoun Village residential project. There is a pretty likelihood for the population to rise by a whopping three-fold over the next couple of decades. Thanks to the strong consumer demand, Al Ain’s retail sector is likely to undergo a rapid growth by 2030.

There has been a rapid rise in the rents for old three and new five-bedroom villas. The increase is by 30-40%. Analysts predict that the city's rental prices will consistently rise in the medium term. Numerous real estate projects have been introduced. One of these is the Ain Al Emarat. It shall feature villas, spas, golf course, sport water canals and a premium shopping, leisure mall, hotels and medical facilities.