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Know More About Fujairah

Being the emirate’s business as well as the commercial hub, the city of Fujairah is marked by numerous office buildings. Its northern waterfront is bordered by extensive fields of oil storage containers. It is the only emirate with a coastline on the Gulf of Oman and not on the Persian Gulf. Fujairah’s well-maintained forts and museum demonstrate its vast history. It has several developments to pride on, some of them being the shining white Sheikh Zayed Mosque; the emirate's oldest shopping mall, Fujairah City Centre mall and the Sheikh Khalifa Hwy.

Fujairah also has remarkably high average annual rainfall that is more impressive as compared to the other Emirates. Farmers in this region conveniently produce one crop every year. Winter coincides with the rainy season that often leads Fujairah to experience humongous precipitation. Its east coast climate is dynamic somewhat due to the presence of Hajar mountain range. The emirate attracts tourists mainly before the school summer months. Fishing and agriculture are the major occupations that are vital for its economy. The land is made suitable for farming, thanks to the Hajar Mountain’s rainwater.

Fujairah is known for its spectacular beaches and resorts. Certain old patterns of fishing have still been retained by the fishing men in the emirate. One of them is using palm frond canoes (Sasha). With pristine ambiance and natural environment, it captivates the senses of tourists and makes the holiday perfect for them. Popular places to visit are Fujairah Port, spice souks, Bidya Mosque, and pottery stalls.

Entitled as the“Jewel of Arabia” due to its unique views of mountains, Fujairah’s property market has been showing consistent growth in residential as well as commercial sectors. Manifold residential construction projects involving numerous villas, apartments, and homes are in progress. It has been showing remarkable potential in travel and tourism industry. This drives most of the investors to make a huge investment to build huge complexes such as resorts, hotels and shopping and entertainment centers to satiate the needs of tourists. Most investors have been making massive investments in real estate market of Fujairah to transform this city into a top-class destination.