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5 Must Do's Before Listing Your House for Sale

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Before you list your house for sale, make sure that your house is ready to sell!

Here are the 5 must do’s before listing your house for sale:

Look into your local housing market

This is the first step! Go and get to know about the value of your home. For this, you will have to do your research well. You can start by researching the local housing market through a reliable website. Look into the comparable sales in your neighborhood. This crucial step will help you understand the actual listing price for your home.

Look into the various comps’ square footage, features, and location. Try to figure out as to how they compare to your home. Furthermore, you can take guidance from a realtor. He will be able to assist you with finding comps and determining a listing price for your home.

Go get a reliable listing agent

This is a vital step as well. Try to enlist a professional real estate agent to get your home listed properly. For finding a genuine realtor, look into a reliable real estate website. Go with word-of-mouth recommendations.

At the time of interviewing a listing agent, make sure to ask about their experience in your neighborhood. They should have good connections to potential buyers. Also, they must have a good deal of social media expertise. The realtor must be able to provide you with a proper plan as to how they are willing to sell your home. Thus, go for an experienced realtor who has a good number of connections.

Get a storage unit

While selling your home, you might have to do a good deal of decluttering. Try to purge your belongings. Try to rent a temporary storage unit prior to selling your home. When you have a self-storage unit in the near vicinity, you can consider placing some of your items there. Place your extra items there while staging and showing your home.

Get your home depersonalized

Depersonalize your home. At the time of selling a home, make sure to depersonalize. At the time, you must focus on creating a warm space. In other words, the place should look welcoming. You can put away most of your personal items. The common ones include photo albums, magazines, toys, equipment, awards, etc. However, you can keep some of your photo frames around the house to give off an appealing look.

Say yes to deep cleaning

Keep in mind that the first impression needs to be good! Get rid of any foul smell. Do away with dirty floors. Clear off the dust from the surfaces! In short, focus on making your house look really clean and appealing for your potential buyer.

Before listing your home, you must make sure that your house looks clean. Go for deep cleaning. This might require you to get your toilets cleaned, cleaning toilets, surfaces wiped, floors mopped, rugs cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed! It might be too much for you to handle on your own. On top of that, you might not know the right tactics to make your house clean. So, consider calling in the professionals. This way you can make sure that your place looks crystal clear when your potential buyers arrive!

Make sure to declutter your home. Do this before putting your house out for sale. This step will help you organize your space well. When your home has zero clutter, buyers are likely to have a good first impression. They will get to focus on the home space rather them focusing on the junk! Makes sense, right? Gather as many tips as possible for purging your items prior to a move.

You can consider getting light bulbs. At the time of showing your house to potential buyers, every light fixture and lamp will have to be turned on. So, all the lights in your home must have functional light bulbs.

You can call a handyman. At the time of selling a house, just go and call your handyman. Get all the things fixed right on time. Look into the locks, hardware, faucets, toilets, cracks in the walls, appliances, doors, and windows, etc. Look everywhere before listing your home. This is a necessary step since your buyers need to get the impression that your house has been well-maintained. It can prove to be a major turn-on! When you have a handyman, you can get the right suggestions that will help you take care of your house.

If required, you can get the walls of your home painted. While painting your walls, you can go for neutral or pastel colors. Whites, light grays and light beiges are some of the safe options. These pleasant shades will make your home appear larger and breezy. If you add a fresh coat of paint to your home, it will help cover the wall’s cracks and marks as well. Thus, the walls of your home will look appealing in every possible way!

Make sure to stage your home before you put your house on sale. It will make your house sell faster at a fair price. It is not that difficult or pricey to stage your home’s interior. This is a good thing. Try to spruce up your home’s curb appeal at the time of staging the home. You need to focus on the outside of the home as well. The grass must be trimmed. You can add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls as well.

Last but not least, you can get yourself a professional photographer. Keep in mind that numerous potential buyers rely on websites to look for a suitable home. This calls for high-quality photos of a home. So, in your online listing, make sure to include photos of your house that look professional! Else, potential buyers might just overlook your home. So, prior to putting it on the market, hire a professional photographer to click photos of your staged house. Your realtor can help you get in touch with a professional photographer.

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