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9 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Giving a house on rent is a challenging task. If not handled properly, it could become a serious issue. To get your property for rent, you may not need to do a major cleanup or repair. You can take care of small things that make your rental property attractive to tenants and ready to rent.

Here are the top 9 tips for getting your property ready to rent:

Get the appliances tested

This is a vital point. Try to turn on the oven to verify that it is working properly. The temperature on the dial and that recorded by a thermometer inside should be the same. Further, you can check the water heater pilot. This way you will be able to make sure that it is functional.

Make sure to clean out all the appliances, even the small ones. Wherever required, perform the repairs.

Pay heed to the landscape

At the time of renting a detached unit, pay heed to the lawn and garden. Consider trimming back foliage that covers windows. Try to edge the walkways. Make sure to plant some good-looking plants! This can make the landscape look real pretty.

You can also hire a contractor to paint the front door. Also, pay heed to the exterior of your home.

Get rid of mold

Mold can turn real ugly. In order to search for mold, check the dark corners of the laundry room. Look into the bathroom tiles and fixtures. Do not skip the closets. Make sure to scrub the mold with soap and water. Do not scrub mold out of drywall. In order to get rid of the mold, replace the wall that is impacted.

Try to change the locks

It is a wise thing to change locks between tenants. In case you are not able to re-key the existing locks, replace them. You might consider installing keypunch locks that you can reprogram the next time.

Clean well

Make sure to clean your home well. Pay attention to your kitchen and bathrooms. If there is too much grease buildup in the kitchen, you might need a strong detergent. This step will help you in removing the grease. Use your disinfecting cleaner generously, when it comes to your bathroom. Make sure to clean the carpets.

Get the walls painted

Consider repainting a rental unit. Do so before occupancy is a good idea. When you paint, it makes the place look new and fresh. If you go for professional painting, it costs from $400 to $700 per room. However, you can lower this cost by doing the work on your own.

Consider cleaning curtains

It is a good idea to clean or replace your curtains. Focus on your window screens as well. Also, get your windows washed.

While cleaning your curtains, take the curtains down. Then, put them in the washing machine. You can also dry clean them if you want. While dealing with the window screens, remove those. Then, wash them or replace them. This is more important if they are torn. Have your windows cleaned properly? This will allow the flow of natural light into the room, giving off a pleasant vibe.

Get the central air system serviced

You can get in touch with a reliable technician to do the servicing of your air system. Your technician needs to check the seals in the compressor and blower. Then, he needs to replace the filters. He also needs to inspect for smaller issues. Never wait for an emergency repair!

Focus on your hardwood floors

At the time of restoring your floor, use a floor buffer. Then, you can apply a refresher coat. It usually costs a fraction of refinishing costs.

Your garden area might be too visible in the first glance. Thus, your tenants might notice it right in the beginning. So, make sure that it is neat. Make sure that smoke detectors are installed properly. These should be functional. If required, get new batteries before the tenancy starts.

Check water usage. Try to install flow restrictors of 9 liters per minute inside the property.  This will help you to make sure that water usage is taken care of. Make sure that your unit does not have any leaking taps. In case the property is carpeted, make sure that carpets are in proper condition with no hazards.

Next, focus on the lights. The lights should be functional.

If possible, check with your insurance company that you have the proper coverage with the rental property.

Get to know about Landlord Insurance. This is additional coverage that comes into play when the tenant does some damage.

What is staging?

Staging involves enhancing the interior of your home. It is a wise strategy to attract a good number of potential tenants. You will have to show your renters that your home is really nice. For this, you might have to rent or borrow furniture for a short period of time! You can even hire a professional stager if the home demands a good amount of rent. However, do not keep your tenants misinformed. Let them know that the furniture is not included with the lease.

You will also have to make sure that your home looks good at night too. For this, you might have to add attractive lights. Make sure to light up the interior. Keep the curtains down.

You can go for fresh paint if you feel your unit looks a bit dull in appearance.Try to look into the popular color schemes. Go for one that you prefer for your home.

You might also install a brand new front door! After all, it might just be the first piece that will catch the eye of the tenant! So, it makes sense to get a new one! If you cannot bear the cost of a new door, consider getting the plain doorknob replaced with a trendy one. Even a slight change can do wonders!

When it comes to making your unit look nice, consider spending some money. It will be worth! At the time of determining the changes that need to be made to the unit, study the rental market first. If there is less availability of rental units in your area, you might not have to spend much on the repairs. However, when the market is a pretty competitive market, you might have to invest a bit more than you would normally do.

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