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Best Place to Buy Property in Dubai

Monday, March 11, 2019

As far as real estate in Dubai is concerned, the Dubai market is just at the top with property investors vying for the diverse range of properties here.

Here are some of the top areas to buy property in Dubai:

Dubai Marina

Considering the property investments in totality, Dubai Marina takes the first spot. It has a diverse range of high-rise apartments, pavilion villas and retail and dining outlets. This incredible diversity has made it a top favouriteamongst many Dubai real estate investors. Emaar’s high-profile Bluewater’s Island project has also been launched here. This is bound to keep it at the top position for the upcoming years!As per the recent reports, the asking prices for apartments in Dubai Marina have continued to remain more or less stable. This leads to a promising future as far as investing in property is concerned.

If you wish to invest in Dubai, get your hand on the properties when the prices are still relatively reasonable. The average asking price for studios in Dubai Marina is AED 837k and that for 1-bedroom flats are going for AED 1.3M. For 2-bedroom units, the prices are at AED 2.2M.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah takes the second spot, right after Dubai Marina. It is also a well-known waterfront location. In fact, it iscommonfavourite for real estate connoisseurs. It has a goodlocation. Many promising projects are yet to arise here. This place in Dubai is considered to be highly reliable when it comes to investing in Dubai real estate. It has proved its mettle in the past years, after all!

Soon, the luxury Palm Beach Residences and Raffles projects will get completed. It is expected to make this place even stronger as a top real estate investment choice. The asking prices for apartments in the Palm Jumeirah for January 2018 have shown stability at AED 1.19M for studios, AED 2.2M for 1-bedroom apartments and AED 2.7M for 2-bedroom apartments. The unique part is that Palm Jumeirah is popular for buying both apartments as well as luxury villas in Dubai. This is much unlike that of Dubai Marina. The average price of a 3-bedroom villa in the area is AED 9M. For 4-bedrooms, it is AED 11.3M. For 5-bedrooms, the price lies at AED 14.25M. Thus, Palm is getting more and more popular in its secondary market. This is making it a top choice for many genuine real estate investors who have their eyes on the Dubai market.

Arabian Ranches

This is a very popular villa community. A remarkable increase has been seen in the interest among genuine investors. The prolonged off-plan projects and the stable secondary property market has led to a great interest in Arabian Ranches. This area is meant for families who are looking at real estate investment opportunities in Dubai.

The average asking prices for 3-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches are 3.09M while for 4-bedrooms, the prices are at AED 4.25M. For 5-bed units, the prices are at AED 5.45M.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

This area is also one of the top areas for investment in Dubai property. After all, it has easy access to Dubai Marina, JLT, and Jebel Ali. This area has shown competitive pricing of the villas and apartments. A good number of off-plan projects like Bloom Heights and Belgravia II have also been top choices for many aspiring as well as long-time investors. This area is known to provide high rental yields. The average price of studios isAED 460k. For 1-bedroom apartments, the average prices are AED 750k. For 2-bedroom apartments, the prices are seen to be set at AED 1.14M.


Dubailand is also a top choice for property investment. It is a famous tourist mega-destination. Moreover, it is drawing a good deal of attention because of the upcoming Expo 2020. The market here has been strengthened by the City of Arabia, Dubai Lifestyle City, and Mudon projects. It can be stated that Dubailand is one of the best investment options in Dubai today. Moreover, the area is popular for both types of real estate investments in Dubai, villas as well as apartments. As far as the average asking price is concerned, for 3-bedroom villas, it is AED 1.27M. For 4-beds, the prices are at AED 2.5M and for 5-bedroom villas, the prices are at AED 3.69M.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai has been pretty popular for investing for a long time. The major attraction here is the apartments. After all, it has close proximity to multiple attractions in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai is dubbed the ‘centre of now’. It has the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. It hosts plenty of luxury high rise apartments, right in the heart of Downtown. There are certain quaint apartments in the Old Town region. Thanks to Burj Khalifa, this area is often visited by plenty of tourists.

As far as the prices are concerned, it can be said that these are on the higher side. The studios average at AED 1.22M. For 1-beds, it is AED 1.58M. For 2-bedroom units, it is AED 2.85M. However, this region has a good secondary market and high rental yields as well.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

This place is known to have plenty of affordable Dubai properties. It has many high-rise apartments for sale in JLT. Mostly, these apartments are located opposite the more luxurious development of Dubai Marina. These offer similar amenities at a lower price tag as well.

The residents of JLT actually have access to a vast range of culinary outlets, bars, and recreational facilities. These mostly include gyms, pools and fitness centers. As far as shopping is concerned, you can pretty much go for the Dubai Marina Mall that lies just across the road. Also, there is the Ibn Battuta Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Both of these are just a short drive away. The average price for buying studios in JLT is AED 700k. For 1-beds, the average price is AED 1.15M. For 2 bedroom flats, the price is AED 1.62M.

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