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Best Place to Live in Abu Dhabi

Monday, March 04, 2019

Abu Dhabi has many housing options. When you have decided to live here, try to gather an idea of all the well-suited places of living in Abu Dhabi.

Here are some of the best places to live in Abu Dhabi:

Khalidiyah lies right in the heart of the city. You are able to walk to parks and the corniche and to local amenities that include shops mainly. Villas are available in certain areas. However, the towering apartment buildings are most prominent in the area. The downsides of the area include high volumes of traffic. Thus, street parking is a tough job! Though apartments are usually assigned parking space, no visitor parking exists in usual. This area consists of multiple new residential buildings. However, the older ones are the most prevalent ones still!

There are too many residential buildings in the area. Many large villas exist in the area. The Nation Towers Galleria mall has various modernly-designed apartments that constitute a major part of this area.

Marina Village
Marina Village is located along the Marina Breakwater. It lies behind the well-reputed Marina Mall. Thus, clearly, it has its location on the water. Also, it has a really large size of villas. These are the reasons strong enough to drive the prices high. This area is highly popular amongst the locals, diplomats, and high-level executives.

Al Bateen Marina
This area is under development even though it has been home to various buildings for a long time. Currently, it has its own array of new cafes, salons, and restaurants. Many new apartments are under construction. It is now known as Al Bateen Wharf. It is gradually blooming into a very desirable waterfront location. It lies close to downtown Abu Dhabi.

Al Mushrif
Mushrif is further out of the city. However, it seldom has parking problems, unlike many other areas! This area mostly established form of vintage-styled villas. These villas are available in all shapes and sizes. This area also has numerous parks, playgrounds, and open spaces. It consists of the popular Umm Al Emarat Park. It is a top place for families with water play, playgrounds, an animal barn, children’s garden, botanic garden and more. The park is home to various outdoor markets and concerts. These are mainly organized in the cooler months of the year.

Embassies District
It is located in between ADNEC and Zayed Sports City. This area has smart access to both the city and off-island areas. It hosts several new apartment buildings that have underground parking here. It also consists of several small stores that include coffee shops, small supermarket etc. These mainly operate from the ground floor of the buildings.

Ministries Complex Area
This area lies on the Eastern side of Abu Dhabi Island. These mainly run along the length of the adjacent Al Bateen airport. The Al Seef Village Mall lies at one end of the area and TwoFour54. The Abu Dhabi Media Free Zone lies at the other end. This area has both villas and apartments. The topmost developmental areas include Bloom Gardens. Brighton College is a notable campus that lies in this very area.

Al Rawdhat
This area is located across from Zayed Sports City on the other side of the airport road. This area lies outside of the city and next to the Al Bateen Airport. This area is one that has a good deal of construction going on. Al Bateen airport is mainly used by smaller planes, private jets, and helicopters. Thus, you do not have to deal a lot with noise-related issues.

Zayed Sports City
This area is located near to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It hosts the Rihan Heights that is a development of five towering apartment buildings and a small bunch of villas. Being a resident here, you can avail various facilities including a large three-in-one pool, a gym, and a kids playground. The development also hosts a beauty salon, a small supermarket, coffee shop, dry cleaner, and a pharmacy. One other good thing is that this area lies 20-30 minute drive away from the heart of the city. Thus, you can have easy access if you wish to get off-island quickly to Yas Island, Dubai or Al Ain.

This area is the physical center of the city. It lies halfway between the two planned city centers. It consists of the new business district that is developing around Al Maryah Island, Reem Island and the traditional current city district.

Reem Island
It forms a natural island that lies just to the side of the downtown area. It is a favorite of those who work in the area. There are fewer parking problems here. This area has few villas and many apartments. The most prominent residential parts of the island lie around the Marina Square or Boutik Mall areas.

Reem Island popular is highly popular with people who have dogs. After all, as there are many empty and quiet areas here. You can use these areas for walks as well as for comfort breaks. It can be included as a part of the new business district. It hosts the famous Repton School Abu Dhabi.

Al Maryah Island
Al Maryah island is a small island connected to both the downtown areas of The Island and Reem Island. It has many great restaurant and bars as well. It has only a couple of residential options that include apartments at the Rosewood or the Four Seasons Hotels. The apartments here aren’t the most spacious ones. However, most of these are fully serviced and furnished apartments. On top of that, these apartments provide you with beautiful views across the water.

Saadiyat Island
Saadiyat is a highly desirable location in Abu Dhabi Real Estate. It lies close to many restaurants and bars of the St. Regis Saadiyat Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. Also, it has a direct highway linking to the main Abu Dhabi/Dubai road which makes the drive to Dubai.

This region is the home of the developing Museums District. However, the only supermarkets in the close vicinity are smallish Spinneys and Waitrose. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi has a modern primary and secondary school facility on the island.

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