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Everything you need to know about Ejari in Dubai

Thursday, December 21, 2017

What is the purpose of Ejari?

It is essential to know about Ejari before moving to your new house in Dubai.
Ejari implies “my rent” in Arabic. Ejari is an online registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) with the intent to manage and enhance Dubai's rental market. The main aim of this system is to improve the experiences of landlords and tenants to guarantee that both the parties are protected from rental malpractice. As per the Dubai law, all lease agreements need to be registered through Ejari's online portal. It can be claimed that in the case of the new government legislation, Ejari forms an innovative program that shall move the Dubai real estate industry to be among the best controlled rental markets in the world.

The main purpose of this system is to legalize the usually unpleasant relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai. This system has been made mandatory by RERA from 14 March 2010 for landlords to provide the basic details. These basic details include terms of the tenancy agreement and property details. Each of these info entries is supposed to be assigned a unique barcode by the system for future reference.

Ejari prevents malpractices in the rental sector by increasing the transparency of the procedure for all of the stakeholders. Non-registered tenancy contracts at Ejari are not safeguarded by any of the regulatory authorities in Dubai. An Ejari registered tenancy contract must be submitted with all residency visa applications. It is a more common scenario where the tenants register their contract and pay the associated fees themselves.

Who needs to apply for Ejari?

The landlord or developer has the responsibility for registering his property with Ejari. It is not yet specified as to who is responsible for Ejari tenancy registration and cost. In general, both the landlord and tenant can go ahead with it.

Which essential Documents re required for Ejari Registration?

  • Original version of Tenancy Contract
  • DEWA bill
  • Passport and visa copy of tenant
  • Trade license copy in case lease is in the company name
  • Title Deed or Municipality affection plan copy issued by Land Department of Dubai Municipality
  • Landlord’s name and nationality, property details, applicant’s signature and mobile number

What is the cost of Ejari?

All the major documents are required to be signed and submitted to the DLD department office for the successful enrolling in Ejari.

The basic costs include:

  • Ejari fees (government tax): AED 160Typing services: AED 35
  • Express Online registration: AED 280 (entirely refundable if registered in more than 6 hours)
  • “6-hr Express delivery” guarantee: included

The Ejari Consulting & Online Support is free.

Is EJARI mandatory?

Ejari is a mandatory procedure for everyone. Tenants who do not register with EJARI might be prevented from obtaining or renewing a residency visa for him or his family. In case a legal case needs to be filed against the landlord, unregistered tenants experience shaky grounds! An Ejari certificate is vital in case of the filing of a lawsuit against your landlord in Dubai. Thus, it is strictly advised to register with EJARI as soon as possible in the initial stage of the contract. However, the registration might be completed at any point during the tenancy.

Is it required to be physically present at the DLD offices to obtain Ejari once tenancy contract is received?
Your presence is not required in such a case. The real estate management company will issue your tenancy contract and share your data with DLD. Ejari will be provided to the management company on the same day.

How to pay DEWA security deposit?

There are many ways to proceed with the payment of the security deposit:

  • Online through the DEWA website
  • The different smart apps
  • Through the link included in the welcome email at the time of issuing Ejari.

What needs to be done if the welcome email from DEWA is not received?

In case you haven't received a welcome email, you can visit the DEWA website or any smart app and provide your Ejari number to proceed with the payment.

The customer will be receiving a welcome note from DEWA via email and SMS as soon as Ejari is attested. The welcome note is received with the account number and the link to pay the security deposit.

However, keep in mind that the new rule applies to the customers moving to new residences and not to already existing customers. In short, this rule applies to you only when you move to a new house. This kind of move is a positive attempt to maintain Dubai's vision to achieve transparency and efficiency in the government sector along the move.
In Dubai, registering your tenancy contract is made compulsory for:

  • New/renewal of residence visas
  • Media/internet connection
  • Obtaining a commercial license
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Acquiring a liquor license

Ejari is a novel system that has the potential to bring life to the Law No. 26 of 2007. Ejari registration is genuinely required by all individuals and companies renting or residing in Dubai.

The demands of the new legislation are met by the Ejari digital registration service. By initiating Ejari, RERA has taken an effective step to establish a robust regulatory system for those in the rental market. This system specifically safeguards the legal rights of everybody involved.

The innovative e-registration process ensures that all the legal rights are acknowledged, maintained and implemented by all Government departments. Not only will it create complete clarity between the landlord and tenant, but it will also entail all aspects of the rental agreement.

As per Ejari regulation from October 2015, Ejari registration is not instantly removed from Ejari system after its expiry date. Tenant or landlord need to cancel the previous registration before applying for the new one.

The Ejari system delivers a complete suite of services. The logging of cancellations, renewals, terminations, and transfers is allowed. Thus, Ejari makes sure that leasing is fair to all people.

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