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How to Find Apartment in Dubai Investment Park

Friday, March 29, 2019

Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is considered to be one of the most environment-friendly communities in Dubai. Thus, you can be assured that this area is well-maintained, green and most importantly, clean!

Being a smartly planned development, it holds a top position as the region's premier business park for offices and retail. As far as industries are concerned, the industrial complex here is currently known as a powerhouse in manufacturing ideal for any kind of industry.

Speaking of recreation, it is a mixed-use development. This area is highly business oriented. Dubai Investments Park is a proper self-contained industrial, commercial and residential zones. It is managed by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. It is spread across an area of 2300 hectares. It offers high-quality infrastructure and excellent facilities.

Here are the top tips to look for an apartment in Dubai Investment Park:

Go ahead with the right search parameters

You can start by selecting all the must-use words. You are bound to get many search results. So, you surely need to trim the list! For this, you need to consider what you really want. Try to prioritize what you want. You can check off one or more of them to reduce the results. You can consider adding on-site storage and parking to your parameters.

Try to manage your parameters in this way. This will ensure that every apartment has all the things you need. This will save you from the pain of sifting through many listings.

Make use of mapping features

Just trust your internet when it comes to searching your apartment. You can use the address data to see where a building is on a map. It will help you immensely even when you are not really familiar with the streets.

There are multiple apartment-search Web sites that map addresses for you. You can shortlist your apartments in the best possible manner.

Stay away from scams

You must be vigilant at the time of making your search for an apartment, especially when you are doing it mostly online!Even a well-known apartment-search Web site can lead you to unscrupulous landlords. So, make all the possible verifications to confirm that the landlords or owners are authentic and lawful. In case something goes wrong with a listing, do not pursue that specific listing.

Try to stick to Your Budget

There are many people have a proper idea of how much rent costs in an area. This can pretty much lead to you to a much higher monthly invoice than you can actually afford. You can calculate a specific budget that is just suitable for your salary to pay. Consider student loans, car payments, and other monthly expenses that might be applicable to you. You can actually somewhere between 25% and 30% of your take-home pay in rent.

Keep in mind that take-home pay is what your monthly income turns out to be after health insurance and taxes. For renters who are in entry-level positions, the amount of rent you can afford might be extremely low. Remember that it is all right! You can try out some ideas such as finding roommates to seeking assistance from a third party that will help you in such cases. Keep in mind that you can always find nice places within your price range if you really search for them.

Try to know about utilities

Keep in mind that the price of an apartment may not be completely accurate. Usually, the buildings include utilities. These are heating, water, and electricity costs as well. You must keep in mind that utilities are a huge expense. These might even sum up to more than $200 per month. This can make a difference in your monthly budget. Thus, you should be aware of all the additional costs before you sign your lease. This is more important when you live in cold areas.

Confirm the safety-related features

You must double-check the safety and health-related features. You must look for certain things such as range hoods or fans over your stovetop, fire exits, insulated walls, evenly dispersed radiators, an oven, etc. You must prioritize the fact that an apartment needs to meet suitable health and safety codes for you to live there.

Check laundry facility

This is one of the most important amenities. Most of the buildings come with laundry machines. It is really good if there is a laundry on the premises. Try to know if this facility is free or chargeable.

Consider pet-related facilities, if you have pets

You must double-check your lease for pet regulations. You cannot hide your pet and make it stay with you without the knowledge of the landlord! The good news is that many apartments are pet-friendly. Just make sure to ask about it to the owner or landlord.

Check whether commuting is easy

Once you have finished your research on neighborhoods, check the location’s proximity to work. Keep in mind that anything longer than an hour can get taxing for you.It is wiser to keep your commute somewhere around 30 or 45 minutes. This will make things really easy for you.

Check Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning is a must in this area. So, look for this particular facility. Most of the apartments come with air-conditioning though.

Prior to filling out your application, you must check out every nook and cranny of your apartment for problems. Check for even small cracks in the window. After all, it might render your apartment uninsulated. Also, check that the burners on the stove are functional. There should not be any water stains on the ceiling.

Overall, you need to be patient while you’re on the hunt for your apartment, especially if it is your first one.

It goes without saying that you might feel pressured to make a quick choice. However, after a wise contemplation, go ahead with your general feelings about the place when you make a decision. Above all, your apartment must fit your lifestyle as well as your set budget.

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