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Special Ramadan Offer for Real Estate Agents

Monday, May 20, 2019

Exclusive Ramadan Offer

Aspire more for less this festive season!

ALL these at just 1500 AED 750 AED only! This offer is for limited period!!!

On the occasion of the holy month, we've got an attractive offer for you. We are happy to announce a new exclusive package for property advertising. Our offer is a complete package, providing you with the right platform to showcase your property adverts and related articles. All you need to do is read the details below and act accordingly.

Availing this offer, you are sure to draw in a massive group of genuine tenants and strengthen your real estate agency for long. Our offer helps you to add value to your agency and properties. However, the offer is available for a limited period. So, without much delay, register now and enjoy the benefits.

Find more details about our offer below:

Featured Property Listing

This is the right place to be in when you are looking for new tenants. After all, you might be vying for the attention of the top tenants and buyers!

A Featured Property Listing is offered by Property Price Index to make sure your property advert really stands out from other potential competitors on the listing pages. Tenants usually are not that willing to search through pages and pages of listings to find their dream property! Thus, it’s important that your property should be in the limelight.

You can now get your property listings featured. You get to display your topmost properties under sponsored listing that helps you to stand out of other listings. This way you can gain more exposure and greater responses. Our exclusive platform allows you to make your top properties to reach a wider audience who are genuinely interested in buying or renting properties.

Once approved, we will feature your property here. Whether renting, leasing or selling, properties of all kinds can be featured here.

Property Consultant Banner

You can get a banner displayed on "Property Consultants Gallery". This is pretty much important since it helps you to gain maximum visibility, luring in visitors to your business profile page.

Real Estate Banners can be one of the smartest ways to showcase and sell or lease a property. We use colorful banners with relevant designs to draw attention to your property. Good property consultant banners help your properties to sell more quickly than those without a banner. Most times potential buyers will see your banner or sign and then come to you.

Social Media Mentions

Social Media mentions provide for a real-time social media search. Tenants can also explore more about your properties this way. It is one of the strongest marketing strategies. It makes it easy for potential tenants to search for properties specifically by using common keywords. Social media mentions sharing your property range on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Mention can help tenants to look for all the mentions of your properties in an easy way.

Social Mention can cause tenants to actually gain interest in your properties. It conveys the value of your property ads over a wider audience in a short time.

You would certainly require special promotion for your properties on our social media accounts. This will help you to get a good deal of visibility for your properties. It is a reliable method for attracting tenants, building property awareness and improving your online reputation as well. Thus, social media mentions serve many purposes at the same time. As real estate agents, you can link your social accounts here, if applicable.

We at Property price Index make sure to make eye-catching social media mentions to add to the value quotient of your property adverts.

Article Promotion

At Property Index, we make sure to provide a promotional article for your agency that will be published on our website. You can take the link back to your website if you wish.

We publish articles relating to all property types. We make sure that the article contributes to investment.

If you are in search of the right platform to get your property-related contents published effectively, your wait is over! You need to provide us with your property-related contents. We will then publish those on our website.

Choosing our platform, you can showcase your agency more openly and with minimal constraints. Your articles are bound to reach out to a large and meaningful audience with the right platform of Property Price Index! We employ interesting interface and feature essential multimedia elements to give your contents a sophisticated look.

Through our platform, we make sure to create and spread awareness over a wide spectrum of tenants. We make sure to publish your articles effectively, making these appealing enough to strike a chord! This way tenants can keep themselves updated on a regular basis.

Monthly Newsletter

You can now grab the opportunity to maintain regular contact with your customers and prospects with our monthly newsletter campaign. We are including your agency or properties in our monthly newsletter campaign.

With our pro-active newsletter campaign, we intend to make sure to attract new customers and retain your existing clients as well. Our ultimate aim is to help you in increasing the visibility of your properties and agency. Our monthly newsletter program is devised to act as a marketing asset for your agency.

You do not want to miss out on this incredible deal!

Register now without any delay. Once you have registered successfully, please contact us and we shall assign you the offer Package on priority.


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