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Top 5 Areas to Rent 2 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dubai has a good number of areas to rent 2-bedroom apartments.

Here are the top 5 areas to rent 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai:


JLT is at the top of this list. It is, perhaps, the most popular area to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai.JLT consists of 80 towers in its development. Almost all of these towers are edged by the magnificent artificial lakes. These towers are distributed between 26 mixed-purpose clusters. These towers are basically named alphabetically from A to Z. These beauties consist of multiple luxury amenities. These include swimming pools, parks, gyms, supermarkets, playing areas for kids etc.

The 2-bedroom apartments in JLT are way more affordable than its neighbor, Dubai Marina. The 2-bedroom apartments in JLT start at a competitively priced AED 62k for an 800 sq. ft. unit. You can find a unit as large as 1800 sq.ft. in AED 100k almost. You can get a maid’s room unit as well. However, these can go quickly when they become available.  Among the other residential towers in JLT, the popular ones for apartment rentals include Green Lakes, New Dubai Gate, Icon Tower, Goldcrest Views, Lake Point Tower and Saba Tower.

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Dubai Sports City is gaining a good deal of popularity lately. It is particularly famous to rent 2-bedroom apartments. It lies next to JLT in the list of popular areas for renting 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai. The Dubai Land community lies close to the schools in Arabian Ranches and Motor City. This community is developing into a desirable area for apartment rentals in Dubai. The good thing is that most of these apartments are meant for families to stay. The prices for 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai Sports City start at AED 65k for a 960 sq. ft. unit. This is comparable to the prices in JLT. You can get big and lavish 2-bed apartments under AED 100k in Dubai Sports City.

Only some exclusive properties in this configuration are worth over AED 100k. For this amount, you are likely to find a spacious 2-bed plus maid’s room apartment in Arena Apartments. The apartments in Elite Sports Residence are some of the most common areas for apartment rentals in Sports City. This community is just perfect for fitness enthusiasts. It boasts a good number of sports facilities that include indoor football and cricket centers. These are important to deal with the heat during the hot summers.

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This area is highly popular for renting villas in Dubai. Many might think that Mirdifis making a sudden appearance in the list for popular areas to rent 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai. The truth is that it has always been known for reasonably priced villas for rent in Dubai. Mirdifpresents you with a vast selection of apartment buildings. Apart from the apartments in the Shorooq and Ghoroob communities in Mirdif, there is a bunch of low-rise apartment complexes in Uptown Mirdif. The newly launched Mirdif Tulip also needs to be mentioned. Ghoroobhas a characteristic family vibe. It has a good number of spacious apartments. This is the place where you can get proper value for money.

The rents in Mirdifstart from AED 69k for a 1,100 sq. ft. flat in Ghoroob. If you can afford AED 100k, you can go for one of the most spacious apartments in Shorooq. With this budget, you can get a spacious 1,860 sq. ft. unit. You can consider an Uptown Mirdif apartment if you wish for an exclusive pool and gym access.

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Dubai Marina is one of the most common areas to rent 2-bedroom apartments under AED 100k in Dubai. These apartments provide you with an exotic waterfront view. You can enjoy an abundance of dining spaces as well. These reasons make Dubai Marina a top choice. For 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, the prices start from AED 77k for a 1219 sq. ft. unit. In fact, it can be said that Dubai Marina is a favorable area to rent apartments of various types. You just need to be clear as to what type of apartment you want or need.

However, the prices in this area may appear to be a little higher than the other areas in this list. Still, the properties in the Marina provide you with exclusive luxury amenities. These apartments also provide you with nearby proximity to some of the most popular hotspots in Dubai. Marina Diamonds can be regarded as one of the in-demand towers to rent flats in the Marina. You can actually find an AED 100k 1,001 sq. ft. flat in this area.

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Al Barsha is one of the top areas in Dubai to rent a 2-bedroom apartment. It hosts the gargantuan Mall of the Emirates. This is one of the big selling points. This is where you can get more space for your money than in some of the more popular districts. Al Barsha is full of many medium-high rise buildings. It does not have many high-rise buildings though. It has many characteristic small independent shops and restaurants as well. These are present at the base of each development. This pretty much makes a great contrast to the mainstream consumer heaven that is referred to as Mall of the Emirates.

You can consider the Pond Park in Al Barsha. It is a great place to get a good relaxation time with the family. You will be loaded with many choices for 2-bed apartments under AED 100k in Al Barsha, in the current scenario. The prices start from AED 69k for a smart 1,200 sq. ft. unit. For a price of AED 100k, you can find exotic and lavish fully furnished units in Al Barsha. Some of these apartments have a spacious 2-bed plus maid’s room unit with a large balcony in Al Adiyat Residence 2.

Dubai is one of the top places in the world to live in. However, in general, the housing affordability is still an issue for many. In order to lower monthly expenses, many expatriates share accommodations with random people.

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