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UAE ranked as the second safest country in the world

Thursday, December 21, 2017

UAE is the second safest country in the world as per the rankings listed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the recent times. Amongst 136 countries, UAE has received the much-coveted 2nd rank which marks the highest rank among all countries in the Gulf region. Finland has achieved the first position in terms of safety and security quickly followed up by UAE. Other countries in the Middle East that emerged in the top 10 list for safety and security included Oman, which came in fourth, and Qatar, which filled in the 10th spot. In contrary to places like Finland and Dubai, United Kingdom and the United States took some of the lowest rankings for safety.

Apart from being one of the top two most secure destinations, Dubai also has a well-developed hospitality and entertainment infrastructure. It has been ranked 27th for the latter. The country shows consistency in the economic sector as well. It has been referred as the most competitive economy for developing its travel and tourism sector in the Middle East and North Africa along with ranking number two globally for tourism safety.

The UAE ranked 29th globally overall. It is pretty ahead of its closest regional challenger Qatar which owns the rank of 47th rank. UAE showed consistent improvement in its performance with its score rising 1.4 percent since 2015. This fact has been stated by the recent World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism (T&T) Competitiveness Report.

This report stated that the UAE had welcomed 14.4 million international visitors in 2015. This count was four million more than two years earlier. This implies its growth. UAE continues to provide an extremely supportive and welcoming business environment to invest in T&T activities with advanced ICT readiness. It is also known for one of the best air transport infrastructures in the world, thanks to which it has earned the 3rd rank in terms of both connectivity and quality of the service.

In order to improve its competitiveness further, the UAE needs to focus on a few more things:

  • Being more open and accepting
  • Extending its health facilities
  • Optimizing  its natural resources

The UAE has shown significant growth in certain segments of cultural tourism including international conferences and car racing. However, natural tourism still remains untapped for the country. The tourism and leisure sector of the UAE has a lot of potentials to contribute to the nation's post-oil economy. In fact, it is estimated that Dubai is projected to reach a high level by the year of 2026 on the back of an exponential growth in tourism and hospitality infrastructure.

Such surveys and claims certainly make the residents of Dubai proud and happy. They fall deeper in love with the UAE all over again, thanks to its safety. Apart from safety, the UAE has a lot more to offer: a multicultural environment, luxurious lifestyle, a suite of entertainment options for people of all ages and availability of world-famous cuisines. These are some of the valid reasons why people enjoy living in Dubai.

Furthermore, the UAE holds the title for the third best air transfer infrastructures in the world, in terms of connectivity and the quality of its services as well. There has been an impressive rise in the number of visitors since the last 2-3 years.

 Currently, Dubai is the fourth most visited city on the planet. In fact, tourists spend more time in this emirate than anywhere else in the world. As per the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, Dubai could be achieving its goal of 20 million visitors by 2020 if the rate of visitations remains consistent!  Abu Dhabi is also embracing competitiveness as it is now the third fastest-growing city in the world and is at the top in the Middle East with a whopping growth rate of 19.8.

The UAE has the remarkable reputation of making its residents and tourists feel safe and relaxed at all the times of the day. One of the recent facts that reinforce the same is that the RTA uncovered possessions found in its ‘lost and found’ by Dubai taxis. Most of these items were pretty costly that was rightfully returned to their respective owners.
The UAE Minister of Economy Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri stated his estimation that the tourism sector would contribute 5.4 percent annually over the next decade to reach Dh236.8 billion by the year 2026.

Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has stated that Dubai is on track to achieve the goal of 20 million visitors by 2020, and enhance its sector-driven economic contribution to the emirate's GDP.

 As per the Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index, Dubai ranked first for being the best travel destination in the Middle East; maintained its position as the fourth most popular destination in the world for holiday-lovers; Abu Dhabi with a growth rate of 19.81 percent is the fastest-growing city in the Middle East and the third fastest growing city in the world.

As per many analysts, travel & tourism and its ecosystem have proven to be the top contributors to the economic growth.  The travel and tourism industry still continues to be a driving force for providing unique opportunities for development. The Middle East has shown great improvement in its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness. It is evident by the fact that the International arrivals continue to grow, reaching 72 million in 2015 compared to 68 million in 2013 and 62 million in 2011 when the region experienced its biggest drop in tourist arrivals.

Certain factors such as improved ICT infrastructure, lower prices, partial improvements in international openness and a certain level of progress in nurturing cultural heritage have created better conditions to develop the T&T sector to a great extent.  However, the natural and cultural resources still remain underexploited and international openness is still limited to a considerable extent.

The global T&T industry certainly has the potential to play a vital role in creating high-quality employment opportunities, acting as a force to protect and restore the planet's biodiversity and assisting in building bridges to remove the gaps between people and cultures.


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