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Why Dubai is a Secure Property Investment?

Saturday, January 06, 2018

As far as the present realty scenario of Dubai is concerned, it is ideal for investment for a handful of genuine reasons.

Here is a list of all the common reasons that make Dubai a secure property investment:

Hassle-free investment process

It is pretty easy to invest in the real estate sector of Dubai. The process is transparent and straight-forward. You need to purchase a property to buy, pay the owner and that is it! There is no need for any special visas, permits or messy paperwork for approvals to buy the property. Also, when you purchase property that costs more than AED 500,000, you automatically get a residence visa. So, you might start living in Dubai as well. No wonder most of the investors take advantage of such a pleasant investing process.

Business hub

Dubai's status is rising at an impressive rate as the global business hub. This is one of the biggest reasons that Dubai is the first choice of many investors. Properties in Dubai are available at pretty reasonable rates on a relative basis.

High yields

Renting out a property in Dubai is one of the most productive deeds! It is sure to give you a lucrative yield. In fact, Dubai offers the world's highest rental returns.

In the present scenario, Dubai’s rents are too strong and are expected to be consistently strong as well. The current rental yields in Dubai are more than impressive, crossing 7%, making Dubai the best among global cities.

Capital appreciation

As far as the economy is concerned, Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has a huge influx of visitors and tourists. So, it is multiplying its monetary gains at a remarkable rate.

Since the property demand in Dubai is rising consistently, real estate in Dubai is becoming more and more valuable. With such a thriving development, Capital appreciation is bound to happen in Dubai real estate market.

No taxation policy

A rigid income-based taxation policy makes things bad for the real estate market. However, this is not the case in Dubai. Dubai is well-known for its high-end lifestyle. Tax-free living has to be luxurious. As such, profits on property rented out in Dubai are huge. Adding a feather to the cap, the no-taxation policy makes things more appealing.

Stable business environment

Dubai is known to have a secure and stable business environment. This drives in a huge number of investors from all over the world. The emirate of Dubai has remarkably clear and business-friendly laws that make it an ideal setting for international investors.

Outstanding tourist sector

The emirate of Dubai has built an exquisite tourism sector that is unbeatable. There are millions of tourists who descend upon the city every month just with the intent to be entertained, thanks to the diverse entertainment facilities offered here. Dubai has lavish and humongous luxury malls, man-made islands and unique masterpiece-like hotels that are more than enough to make a trip to Dubai the most memorable one.

Most of the international investors understand this massive potential of the emirate. So, many of them invest into the entertainment and hospitality sectors of Dubai.

Upcoming Expo 2020

The Expo 2020 is supposed to be larger-than-life! It is expected to have 30 million visitors in its six-month duration. This way it gives ample chances to businessmen to get their revenues multiplied. This mega event is slated to drive in a large number of business opportunities around the emirate. There is good opportunities for everyone here, be it masons, architects, marketers etc. Now is the ideal time for profits. So, starting up a business or investing in a stake in Dubai can be really good for the future.

In spite of the slack in the market, Dubai real estate has held a strong position reportedly. Being a top commercial and tourism hub, Dubai is going real big. With an ever-maturing market, there is a strong impression amongst international investors. Also, the government is spending millions on funding of huge infrastructure projects in a timely manner for Expo 2020.

Dubai has won the bid to host the 69th World Real Estate Congress in 2018, after the Expo 2020 bid. This is an event expected to attract over 1,000 real estate professionals from all over the world. It is anticipated that the World Real Estate Congress 2018 will heighten Dubai's economy by attracting visitors. This is sure to lead to inward property investment into Dubai from across the world.

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