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Know More About Umm al Quwain

Umm Al Quwwain stretches from the spectacular shores of the Persian Gulf, inland across the rolling sand dunes to the high-yielding oasis around Falaj Al Moalla. It is the least populous of the seven emirates. Saud bin Rashid Al Mu’alla is the present ruler of this emirate. With lukewarm rainfall, the city has a coastline that experiences cool and soothing sea breezes in daytime. The name Umm Al Quwain means "Mother of two powers". The very name of the emirate portrays the prominent seafaring tradition followed here.

This emirate has the least population among all other emirates of UAE. The major local occupations are date farming and fishing. Its union with UAE in 1971 marked the commencement of the state's economic and infrastructural progress and development.

Umm Al Quwwain is striving to gain the status of a rapidly progressing emirate in UAE. Huge investments are made to convert this emirate into a hot destination for tourism. This emirate prides on some of its best attractions for tourists in UAE such as Umm Al Quwwain Fort, Old Harbor, Dreamland Aqua Park and Al Dour Island. The travel and tourism sector’s accelerated growth is directly proportional to the development rate of construction and building sector of UAE. With increasing travelers and tourists, the demand for suitable accommodations for short-term purposes is rapidly increasing. This draws the attention of developers and property investors to construct accommodation properties such as villas, apartments or hotels. Moreover, the state also shows superb progress in the building of roads and parks. These projects attract investor’s attention.

Even with a small land, this state has a great potential that is most likely to contribute to the overall real estate market growth in UAE. Numerous massive construction projects have been introduced by leading developers and builders. More and more projects are getting launched with each year passing by. This increases the probability of this state to become a top-level commercial spot in UAE in the near future. Many analysts believe it shall continue offering better investment opportunities in diverse business sectors.